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2011-03-15 09:16:20

Bogor - pmit, "Seeing the improvement of Indonesia's Judicial System, especially in the judicial reform, IACA asked Indonesia to host its Fifth Regional Conference", explained The Honourable Chief Justice of The Supreme Court of The Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Harifin A. Tumpa, SH. MH.

In the press conference room, Mr. Harifin A. Tumpa welcomed some journalists who were eager to cover story about the IACA Asia Pacific Regional Conference held in Bogor, its agendas, and mostly about its effect to the implementation of Indonesia's Judicial System.

As the event highlight issue on Access to Justice, a journalist asked Mr. Harifin A. Tumpa about the Supreme Court of Indonesia's effort to maintain justice for all Indonesian citizen, including the poor and disadvantaged. He replied by giving four points:
- By giving legal aids to the poor, for free;
- By not burdening legal cost to the poor;
- The implementation of circuit courts by the Religious Courts; and
- By activating more venues in order to bring the court closer to the society.

Relating to point number one, another journalist argued that there would be possibilities these legal aids not reaching the right segment. On this question, Mr. Harifin A. Tumpa explained that to get a legal aid someone must meet some requirements a court has given. Furthermore, if the society feel any mistake in the legal aid grant, they always can send their complaint to The Supreme Court of The Republic of Indonesia, and this legal institution will surely put this complaint into a serious consideration. (source - Humas)




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